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Insanity Results

Inspiring Insanity Results

Shaun T.’s Insanity workout is described as the hardest workout ever put on DVD.  The 60-day super-intense program is built around the philosophy of Max Interval Training which requires pushing yourself at max intensity for several minutes followed by a short period of lower intensity work.  Below you will see some amazing Insanity results videos from Beachbody customers.  Insanity lives up it’s name and you will only see Insanity results like this if you have what it takes to dig deep for 60 days!

insanity results


Insanity Results Do Not Come Easy!

Pushing your body to its limit for 60 days will not only provide physical results but conquering something as challenging as Insanity can greatly increase your self-discipline and self-confidence.  Physically, it was the hardest program I have ever done and being able to stay committed to the schedule while life threw it’s usual obstacles at me, provided me a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  I’m confident it would do same for anyone who takes on this challenge.


Insanity Results – Women

Elena lost 55 lbs. with Insanity, completely changing her body and her outlook!

Teresa paid her dues for 60 days to lose 24 lbs. and to have a smokin’ body at 50!

Ballet dancer Molly pushed hard for 60 days to achieve these Insanity Results.

Insanity Results – Men

Tiko canceled his gym membership after getting ripped with Insanity!

Daryl got insanely fit at 50 years young with Insanity.

Chris transformed his body and changed his life in 60 days.

Are ready to create your own Insanity results?