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Have a Healthier Day

How many times has someone said, “Have a healthy day!” to you? Probably not too many times. Usually, you hear “Have a good day” which is nice, but let’s up the game with specific tips to have a healthier day instead.
Healthy Day Tips
While there is a whole list of things that will help you, let’s narrow into 5 easy ways to change up the day so that you have a good start on some healthier days.

#1 Prep Your Food for the Day

Preparing food ahead of time is a way to make sure that you have good healthy food with you. Food prep removes the chance that you will go out to grab a fast food lunch or reach for unhealthy choices. Creating a meal plan ahead of time, cooking and organizing that food, and then having those meals with you saves time later and is an excellent healthy practice.

#2 Eat Your Breakfast Daily

Breakfast is a healthy start. Eating a well-balanced breakfast fuels your body and gets you ready for the day. Going without increases the chance you will reach for other food. Missing the meal could lend to you feeling irritable, tired, and hungry.

#3 Drink Water

Drop the diet soda off the menu and fill up a water bottle. Make a goal of eight 8oz glasses of water each day and then increase from there. Water is beneficial to the body for many reasons including flushing toxins, and suppressing hunger. Invest in a quality refillable bottle and carry that with you.

#4 Don’t Forget to Eat your Veggies

Meals can be made healthier with more vegetables being added. Increase the amount and variety of veggies that you consume daily. Have a goal of using additional vegetables at each meal.

#5 Have your Snacks Prepacked

Make good choices with your snacks instead of using quick runs to the vending machine, convenient store, or fast food drive through. It is an excellent plan to have fruit, veggies, unsalted nuts, or hard-boiled eggs. Be careful of prepackaged energy bars. Be sure you read your ingredients.

Five small tips that equal big change toward having a healthier day.
How about starting tomorrow?