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Beachbody Coach – Military Members Join Free

Beachbody Coach Military Offer

The men and women who serve our country to help preserve our rights deserve respect for the sacrifices they give and the Beachbody Coach Military discount is Team Beachbody’s way of giving back to those men and women. Being a Beachbody Coach is all about helping people to learn how to get fit and healthy through the Team Beachbody program and its products, and with the military discount earning money as a coach can benefit active service members in a variety of ways.

The Beachbody Coach Military discount pretty simple: all active members of the US military get the chance to waive the starter kit cost ($39)  and monthly fees ($16) as a Beachbody Coach for however long they are on active duty. Team Beachbody goes even farther and offers the Beachbody Coach Military discount to spouses of active service members in place of them if they so chose. For those who have already started the journey as a Team Beachbody Coach and are an active US Military member, they can fill out the Beachbody Coach Military Application to have the monthly fees as a coach waived. It is just one way that active military members can take part in the Team Beachbody revolution and maybe help to earn a little extra money while helping people all over to get fit and healthy the Beachbody way.

Hint:  Even if you don’t plan to work the business, using the Beachbody Coach Military Offer will save you 25% on all future orders!

Through the Beachbody Coach Military Application active service members can apply for the discount and start their journey as a Team Beachbody Coach without the hassle of startup costs or monthly fees. It makes the chance to be a Coach easier than it ever has been before. Whether you’re an active service member or the spouse of an active service member, you can take advantage of the amazing Beachbody Coach Military discount and start earning money while helping people to truly get healthy today!

To join as a coach on my team for free, simply download the Beachbody Military Coach Application below and follow the directions on the form.  Once completed you can fax or email the form to Beachbody using the information provided on the application.  If you need help or would like me to mail a copy of the form to you, please contact me.  Note: Unless you will be purchasing a challenge pack, there is no need to enter a credit card number.   On the last pages of the PDF you will see the Team Beachbody price list.  There you will able to see the new wholesale prices for Beachbody products that you can take advantage of as a coach.

Download the Beachbody Coach Military Application