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Alicia Finds Success with ChaLean Extreme and Shakeology

As I have mentioned before, one of my favorite benefits of this whole Beachbody experience has been being able to reconnect with a large number of friends from my hometown despite having not lived there in 13 years.  Simply sharing a healthy lifestyle on the internet has helped me grow and re-establish friendships with people that I had otherwise completely lost contact with over the years.  Most rewarding of all is seeing these friends take control of their health and fitness and succeed in reaching their goals!

This latest success story comes from Alicia Story.  Alicia and I went to high school together nearly 20 years ago (wow, I can’t believe that) and she saw what I was doing with Beachbody on Facebook.  She was ready to charge toward a healthier life through fitness and nutrition.  I just pointed her  in the right direction and she did the rest with some serious dedication and hard work!

Alicia writes (February 16, 2011):

I’ve always been in and out of my love for fitness for as long as I can remember. I have held a membership at a gym for most of my life and was getting frustrated with the daily routine and going through the motions. This past summer I decided to give running (outdoors) a try since it was something that I have never been able to conquer. Since then Ive ran in 3 5k’s.  I will say without a doubt running changed my whole outlook on fitness…Although I was extremely frustrated to have only lost 1# during my running journey what I gained was confiedence!  I knew that I could overcome my “thoughts” that “Im not made to be runner”.  Confidence breeds success. But I was ready to turn up my game and get some results!  This is when I contacted Chad and he pointed me in the right direction and gave me some good advice and resources.  I started Chalene Extreme the first part of December and am currently on week 11 of 12. LOVE this program, and Im finally seeing results.  In addition to that I have my Shakeology 6 days a week for the past 10 weeks.  Im also starting Turbo Fire!

While Ive lost some weight, I definetly feel stronger and more toned.  But, the best news of all…just this past week I had my Cholesteral rechecked and it went from 225 to 170!  There is nothing better than feeling good from the inside…out!

Bravo Alicia!  Great job and thank you for sharing!