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A MUCH Better Alternative to the Body Beast App

Thinking of Using the Body Beast App?  Don’t do it!

If you are like you me you were pretty pumped when the Body Beast App was released.  The previews looked sweet!  The premise seemed very simple and you thought it would be a great tool to use with the Body Beast workout… but then you tried using it.  Within minutes you realized how clunky and frustrating it is to use.  As a coach I started getting many emails about how cumbersome the Body Beast App was to use and many were asking me if they were using it wrong, because surely, it can’t be that difficult.  Well, it is.

Ditch The Body Beast App.

The Body Beast App was created with great intentions but it never really delivered on its goal of allowing you to take your Body Beast workout mobile. If you have never used the Body Beast App, you will just have to trust me.  Whether you are trying to “Beast Up” by pumping iron at a local gym or you are attempting to use your mobile device to knock out your workout while traveling, the Body Beast App will most likely slow you down and drive you crazy!  One of the keys to the Body Beast workout is pacing!  It is important to leverage the compound effect of “dynamic set training”, meaning that you have stay on pace instead of messing around with countless clicks and swipes on your phone… if it even loads.

A Better Way to go Mobile Without the Body Beast App

Thankfully, there is now a much better way to take your Body Beast workout with you.  The combination of Beachbody On Demand and my improved Body Beast workout sheets basically render the Body Beast App obsolete.

Remember what I said about pacing?  It’s tough to do with the Body Beast App alone, especially if you need to watch the moves!  Beachbody On Demand allows you actually stream your entire workout just as if you were watching it using your DVD player.  This is key to maintaining pace and following proper form.  What’s more, you will not want to smash your head in with a 40 lb. dumbbell while trying to handle the Body Beast App.

While you are using your mobile device to play the workout video you can use my new and improved Body Beast Worksheets to track your weights and reps.  As Sagi, will tell you over and over, you need to “WRITE IT DOWN”!  You will find that these Body Beast workout sheets are far more efficient and effective than the original ones provided by Beachbody.   I know, I know, this goes against the modern trend of tracking everything on a handheld device, but I am confident that you will find this far more effective than using the App.  Perhaps most importantly, with my worksheets you can see your weights and reps from previous workouts, tracking your progress in a linear fashion.  This cannot be done on the Body Beast App or the original Body Beast workout sheets.

Improved Body Beast Workout SheetsIMG_2092

How Do I Access Beachbody On Demand?

Many of you reading this already have access to streaming Body Beast workouts as club members.  Club members not only have streaming online access to all of the programs they have purchased but also a huge variety of other workouts including P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity and exclusive workouts from Sagi Kalev at no extra charge!.  If you do not have a Club membership, you can click the button below to join with a club account or upgrade your current Team Beachbody account.  The first 30 days are free and after that it only comes out to 44 cents per day!

Actual screen shot of Body Beast streaming on my phone using Beachbody on Demand.

Actual screen shot of Body Beast streaming on my phone using Beachbody on Demand.


Hint: Team Beachbody Club members save 10% on all products which essentially pays for the membership!

How Do I Access The Improved Body Beast Workout Sheets?

Easy.  Just fill out the form below and you will be directed to a download of the Body Beast worksheets in printable, PDF format.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Replace the Body Beast App With Beachbody On Demand and the Improved Body Beast Workout Sheets!

I promise you will find this combination more effective and more efficient than using the Body Beast App.

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