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8 Benefits Of Quitting Sugar

1.  One Of The Best Benefits of Quitting Sugar: Weight Loss

One of the best benefits of quitting sugar is simply weight loss. Not only will you lose weight by cutting out those extra calories, but your body also deals with some sugars differently. Your liver often turns all that excess sugar straight into fat! Sugar doesn’t fill you up either. Meaning when you’re done eating that sugary food, you’re still hungry, so you eat more. That’s calories on top of calories.

2.  You’ll Have Consistent Energy Through The Day

Sugar may give you a boost of energy initially as it spikes glucose in your body. Entirely correct, but one of the hidden benefits of quitting sugar is that you’ll miss the crash afterwards. The sugar coma is gone. Sugar is much like any stimulant, such as caffeine, that it gives you energy, but leaves you drained later. If you don’t spike the glucose in your body to begin with, you’ll never crash.

3.  You May Lower Your Cholesterol

According to a study published in Open Heart, a benefit of quitting sugar is cutting hear-risk issues in half. LDL cholesterol can drop 10%, with a reduction in triglycerides of about 20% to 30% within weeks of quitting sugar. Don’t forget to get your exercise in, though!

4.  One of the Hidden Benefits of Quitting Sugar: Decrease In Inflammation

Many problems of the body are linked to inflammation, including acne, heart problems and mood disorders. One of the major benefits of quitting sugar is simply a reduction in this inflammation. It’s another hidden benefit, but one you’re sure to feel.

5.  You’ll Enjoy A More Youthful Appearance . . . Past Your Youth

Fructose plays a role in forming oxygen radicals, which in turn speed up cellular damage. This damage is linked to aging. So one of the great benefits of quitting sugar might just be another step on the way to the fountain of youth

6. Quitting Sugar Means No More Mind Fog

An apparent benefit to quitting sugar is clarity of thought. A UCLA study showed that sugar slowed learning and memory, along with other damaging effects to the brain. Part of this may also have to do with the fact that sugar causes energy crashes that don’t do your attention span any favors.

7.  You Won’t Miss Sugar

One of the benefits of quitting sugar is stopping the addiction. Sugar affects the same parts of the brain as many addictive drugs. It triggers the hormone dopamine, which creates pleasure. Over time, eating sugar desensitizes you to this effect, requiring larger and larger amounts to produce the same effect. Going cold turkey from sugar may cause the same withdrawal symptoms as many drugs. Once you get past the withdrawal, you won’t even miss it. Another of the great benefits of quitting sugar.

8.  You’ll Automatically Start Eating Healthier

With sugars added into over 85% of what we find in grocery stores, the benefits of quitting sugar extend far beyond its immediate effects. Without eating sugar, you’ll be forced to eat real food. Many foods that have sugar as an additional ingredient typically have other ingredients you may want to avoid. Quitting sugar may not be easy, but when you do, you’ll be forced to eat real, healthy, fresh foods that have all the nutrients you need. And there are always all natural options out there to help, like Shakeology, which has over 70 superfoods and all the nutrients you need in a day.