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P90X Focus T25 Hybrid Schedule

The P90X T25 Hybrid Schedule is Here!

Coming up with an effective P90X T25 Hybrid Schedule is much harder than you think. Contrary to popular belief, designing a hybrid schedule isn’t as easy as just putting workouts from two programs in a blender! It is very important to schedule the workouts in a way that provides sufficient rest for each muscle group. Too often I see hybrid programs out there that nail a specific body part two or three days in a row! That is counter-productive. Remember that exercise is the architect and rest is the builder!

Listen to Your Body When Using The P90X T25 Hybrid Schedule

Although this schedule was put together carefully, you have to understand that it comes from combining two programs that were really meant to stand alone on their own. Therefor you might still find days where your shoulders are sore from a previous workout and today’s workout is shoulder-intensive. Change it up! Get creative! The P90X T25 Hybrid Schedule is a guide and is not set in stone.

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