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Smart Supermarket Shopper Secrets

Shoppers at the supermarket need to be able to get in and out and know what they are doing. Unless you actually have spare time and money, you are like most people who are juggling life and need to stop at the store. Why not learn some secrets or reaffirm a few that you already know? This will be a beneficial way to navigate your way faster and cheaper when you stop for groceries.

  • Tip 1
    Super-stores have good bargains on oils and nuts. Look for gallons of olive oil that will run near $20 and compare that to much smaller bottles for just under $10 in the grocery store. Often nuts like almonds come in 3-pound bags at the super-store, and for the same price, you will get a 1-pound at the regular grocery store.
  • Tip 2
    A money saving thing to know is that food that needs to be peeled before it is consumed do not need to be organic. No need to buy organic onions, citrus foods, bananas, or avocados. The truth is that pesticides can’t get through their exterior. Do go organic with apples, berries, and your greens.
  • Tip 3
    See if your store has free online ordering and drop off to help you save money by not doing any impulse shopping while you are in the store.

  • Tip 4
    Steer clear of the samples in the store. Why? Samples are a marketing ploy to temp you to buy those products. That is why you are surrounded with the smells of these foods and tastes waiting for you.
  • Tip 5
    Bonus bell pepper talk here! When you have a choice between green or red bell papers, always choose red. The fact is that red has 6 times as many vitamins and minerals because they are left to ripen on the vines longer. This fills them with healthy goodness.
  • Tip 6
    Buy in season fruits and vegetables. Trying to find out of season foods will be hard to do, and they will cost so much more than the in season kinds that could be on sale and should be plentiful.

Six tips to help make you a smart shopper that saves time and money. Share this with others so they can take advantage of some tips too!