The following steps are iPhone users.  Android users, you are on your own but figure it out!  I am sure the steps are very similar.

  1. Make sure you have a Dropbox account and have it installed on your computer and your phone.  Don’t have it?  Set up an account at
  2. Open the team success story folder
    at from computer
  3. Choose “Save to Dropbox”
  4. Open Dropbox on your folder and navigate to the images you downloaded.  For each image you want to use in your story,  click the … menu and choose “export”.
  5.  Choose “save image”
  6.  After your photos are saved, go to “Photos” on your phone and select all of the story photos and choose “add to album”, create a new album named “Team IG Stories” and save them all there.
  7. Click “add to your story” on Instagram and then choose the multiple image icon.
  8.  Scroll to the “Team IG Stories” album that you created and select the images you would like to use IN THE ORDER you want them to display.  Be sure to choose the Call to Action photo last!Once you have the album created on your phone, the process will be a breeze next time!  We will also be adding new photos so watch for updated to the Dropbox folder!Most of all, be sure to follow up and build relationships with anyone that watched all of the “stories” or made a comment and invite them to our Open House!