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The Truth About Belly Fat

Belly fat or that “spare tire” can be more than just unsightly, it can be unhealthy! Free Membership| Become a Coach! | Join the Club! | Follow me on Twitter! | Connect on... Continue Reading

P90X Workout Schedules

Plan Your Transformation With P90X Workout Schedules The P90X workout schedules were designed specifically by Tony Horton to maximize results  and minimize the plateau effect using the philosophy of muscle... Continue Reading

Welcome to the Team!

Congratulations on raising your hand and committing to join our mission to end the trend of obesity in this nation.  The opportunity that you are seizing is rewarding on many different levels... Continue Reading

Baseball and P90X

Much like the Philadelphia Eagles, Montreal Canadiens, Sheryl Crow and Brett Favre, baseball coaches across the country are realizing the benefits P90X will bring to their players. Unlike most DVD... Continue Reading